Cox Automotive

Creating smart, enjoyable experiences for car buyers and sellers


Customer application

  • Car dealer inventory management

NoSQL solution

Use case

  • User profile store
  • Inventory and availability
  • Asset/resource management
  • System of record


Key features

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HomeNet Automotive, a division of Cox Automotive, is a leading provider of online inventory management and marketing solutions for car dealers. Cox turned to Couchbase for help when HomeNet had to scale its system from handling 6 million cars per day to 100 million. Couchbase was first implemented as a caching solution, then expanded to additional use cases. Cox uses SQL Server hardware but relies on Couchbase for speed, flexibility, and dependability to meet its high-throughput requirements for nontransactional data.


"We were looking for something we could do in a period of weeks not months, to take load off the SQL servers and provide scalability."

Tony Selke
Associate VP, Product & Engineering, Cox Automotive


  • Had to scale from supporting 6 million car listings per day to 100+ million

  • SQL Server crashed when Cox tried to list all of its staging tables

  • Needed to implement caching ASAP to relieve pressure on the database


  • It’s easy to add nodes to the Couchbase cluster as needed with no downtime
  • Took only two weeks to get the Couchbase cache live in production
  • Rapidly expanded Couchbase to more use cases, including the system of record