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SDKs by language

Couchbase provides SDKs for many programming languages. Choose your favorite, and we’ll show you how to get started, build applications, and get help.

Start building with Java

  • Getting started with Java

    Includes synchronous APIs, plus reactive and asynchronous equivalents to maximize flexibility and performance.

  • Build applications

    Program interactions with Couchbase via the Data, Query, and Search Services. Use the new collections feature.

  • Get help

    Share knowledge, ask questions, and connect with fellow coders in the Java forum.

Java integrations

Start building with Scala

  • Getting started with Scala

    Includes synchronous APIs, plus reactive and asynchronous equivalents to maximize flexibility and performance.

  • Build applications

    Learn to program with Couchbase Server using our Travel Sample App and data, query, and search services.

  • Get help

    Forums to learn and share ideas on OOP, functional programming, and advanced concepts.

Start building with .NET

  • Getting started with .NET

    Interact with Couchbase from .NET using C# and other .NET languages. Asynchronous API is based on the TAP pattern.

  • Build applications

    Try Couchbase .NET SDK and Travel Sample App. Launch with Docker Compose, explore backend, data model, and REST API.

  • Get help

    Join the developer forum discussing Microsoft's framework and tools.

Start building with C

  • Getting started with C

    The Couchbase C SDK enables you to interact with a Couchbase Server cluster using the C language.

  • Build applications

    Discover how to use Couchbase Server's C SDK using our Travel Sample App.

  • Get help

    Discuss and solve programming problems, share code, and connect with other C enthusiasts.

Start building with Node.js

  • Getting started with Node.js

    Interact with a Couchbase Server or Capella cluster from the Node.js runtime, using TypeScript or JavaScript.

  • Build applications

    Use our sample app code to start coding with the Couchbase Node.js SDK.

  • Get help

    A forum for developers to discuss server-side JavaScript and solve issues.

Node.js integrations

Start building with PHP

  • Getting started with PHP

    Connect to a Couchbase cluster using PHP. This native PHP extension uses the Couchbase C++ library.

  • Build applications

    Start coding with the Couchbase PHP SDK using our Travel Sample App and sample data set.

  • Get help

    Connect with other PHP developers, share code, and learn the ins and outs of this popular language.

Start building with Python

  • Getting started with Python

    Python applications can access a Couchbase cluster using traditional synchronous API, Twisted, and asyncio.

  • Build applications

    Use the Python SDK for Couchbase to interact with data, query, and search services using our Travel Sample App.

  • Get help

    Discuss Python programming language, share insights, and get help from the community.

Start building with GO

  • Getting started with Go

    Build Go applications that interact with Couchbase for data storage and retrieval.

  • Build applications

    Build an interactive application with Couchbase using the Go SDK and the Travel Sample App.

  • Get help

    Join the growing community of developers building systems with Go and share your expertise.

Start building with Kotlin

  • Getting started with Kotlin

    A Kotlin application running on the JVM can use the Couchbase Kotlin SDK to access a Couchbase cluster.

  • Build applications

    Connect to a Couchbase Capella or Couchbase Server cluster using Kotlin SDK.

  • Get help

    Join the community of Kotlin enthusiasts and discuss everything related to Kotlin and Couchbase.

Start building with Ruby

  • Getting started with Ruby

    The Ruby SDK includes native Ruby extensions for Couchbase’s binary protocols.

  • Build applications

    Program interactions with Couchbase Server using our Travel Sample App and data, query, and search services.

  • Get help

    Join the forum for Ruby developers, share code, and get help from experienced programmers.

Browse by tool type

Couchbase offers a range of tools that are designed to help users manage and work with Couchbase Capella and Couchbase Server more effectively. These tools include the Couchbase Shell, SDK Doctor, big data connectors, and SDK extension libraries.

  • Capella Playground

    Capella Playground is a web-based interface for exploring Couchbase Server features. You can use it to create and interact with sample data, test queries, and experiment with full-text search. It generates code snippets in multiple programming languages so you can learn, test, and prototype.

  • Couchbase Shell

    Couchbase Shell is a command-line interface for managing Couchbase Server that allows admins to perform tasks like cluster config, node monitoring, and data backup and restore. It supports scripting languages, automates common tasks, and is useful for tasks not easily accessible through the web UI.

  • Big data connectors

    Couchbase connectors for big data integrations include:

    Kafka – for real-time data processing and analytics
    Elasticsearch – for full-text search and indexing of data stored in Couchbase
    Tableau – for visual analysis and reporting on Couchbase data
    Spark – for efficient processing of large data sets

  • SDK Doctor

    Couchbase SDK Doctor is a command-line tool for Couchbase Server SDKs that diagnoses network connectivity issues, verifies configurations, and tests for common errors. It runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux to help developers and admins troubleshoot and ensure proper SDK usage.

  • SDK extension libraries

    Couchbase SDK extension libraries are add-ons that provide additional functionality to the Couchbase SDKs. Examples include Distributed ACID Transactions, Field Level Encryption, Response Time Observability, and Spring Data for Couchbase.

Couchbase community

  • Community help

    In addition to accessing the Couchbase Support Team, you can get help from the Couchbase community in our forums and on our official Discord server.

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  • Partner integrations

    We have practical resources to help you learn about and use third-party SDK integrations, including CData, Confluence, Datadog, and more.

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  • SDK tutorials

    Bootstrap exercises and other tutorials for developers walk you through the highlights of Couchbase SDKs, including Spring Data, Node Ottoman, and Python Flask.

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