Architected for performance, versatility, and scale

Couchbase’s memory-first architecture meets modern performance demands by offering in-memory direct access to its underlying key-value engine and its peers such as search and eventing. It also supports a flexible JSON data model favored by developers and easy access via SQL++. Couchbase scales linearly, supports over a dozen programmer-friendly SDKs, includes enterprise-grade security, and is available across major clouds.

Unique advantages

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Customer case studies

Amadeus ensures high availability and performance for over 8 million travel booking queries per second with Couchbase.



<2.5 milliseconds

Response times

Viber gains the scalable performance to process up to 15 billion calling and messaging events per day for over 1B mobile users with Couchbase.


reduction in number of total servers

Sky keeps viewers happy with high performance and availability and cuts disaster recovery time from hours to minutes with Couchbase.


reduction in sign-in time

Revolut combines machine learning with Couchbase’s speed, agility, and scalability to monitor card transactions and reduce fraud.


improvement in fraud prevention


in savings

Equifax switches to Couchbase’s NoSQL database to get the high performance and scalability needed to provide agile services and dependable data for lenders.

5ms response times

for 1.5B records

Frequently asked questions

  • How is Couchbase different than other leading databases?

    While depending on the database, customers typically come to Couchbase for four common reasons.
    Performance: Their current databases are failing in the areas of throughput, latency, and high availability. Often it is not just one thing, but overall architecture.
    Flexiblity: Their databases are rigid and do not support rapid application development.
    Mobile: They want a robust, proven offline-first product. Couchbase Mobile launched in 2014.
    Lower TCO: Their databases don’t scale to meet demands without add-on technologies and/or huge costs.
    Find out more about how Capella compares to other cloud databases.

  • Is Couchbase the same as Couch DB?

    Couchbase delivers superior performance, data consistency, query capabilites, and development tools, while also offering Capella, our Database-as-a-Service. Find out more here.

  • What is Couchbase architecture?

    Couchbase is a highly available distributed database that performs operations in-memory, but also delivers durability to disk. Data is stored in JSON and queried via SQL++ or KV. Couchbase's architecture has a built in distributed cache and offers multi-model services like full-text search, eventing and analytics. Data can be synchronized to edge devices using the embeddable Couchbase Lite database.

  • What is Couchbase used for?

    Couchbase is used by companies across all industries and a variety of operational use cases. Common cases include caching to speed of legacy applications, user profile management/personalization, dynamic product catalogs, customer 360, offline-first mobile/IoT apps, and operational analytics. For more customer use cases, see customer stories.

  • Is Couchbase a relational database?

    Couchbase is a NoSQL database, but it does use SQL++ as the query language. The Couchbase data model, based on JSON, provides a flexible schema that can evolve by applications over time. Documents often represents a single instance of an object in application code. A document can be considered equivalent to a row in a relational table; with each of the document’s attributes being equivalent to a column. Couchbase provides greater flexibility than an RDBMS in that it can store JSON documents with varied schemas. Developers can express many-to-many relationships without requiring a reference or junction table. Documents can refer to each other by key. Couchbase does contain dynamic data structures that can be modeled to align to a relational data schema making migration easier. For more on data modeling.

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