About DirecTV


    • Fast-paced industry requires constant innovation
    • Customers demand 100% uptime without exception
    • Had to manage a wide variety of data formats and requirements
    • NoSQL alternatives were difficult to use and scale


    • Dynamic modeling with NoSQL and Node.js streamlines development
    • Cross datacenter replication delivers high availability
    • Couchbase’s NoSQL provides unmatched flexibility, scalability, and performance
    • SQL-based SQL++ query language enables a nearly flat learning curve
When they introduced me to SQL++, we quickly realized that SQL++ offers the flexibility to search with a language that looks like 99% the same as SQL. So for all developers, it was an easy transition.

Fidencio Garrido Principal Engineer, DirecTV

Maccabai logo Use case

  • User profile/session store
  • Operational dashboarding
  • Product/pricing
  • Recommendations
  • Endpoint/device mgmt.

Maccabai logo Key features

  • SQL++
  • Cross datacenter replication
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