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Wells Fargo - Protecting 100% of transactions in real time

Wells Fargo, the world's second-largest bank by market capitalization and the fourth-largest bank in the U.S. by total assets, uses FICO’s Falcon Fraud Manager, along with Couchbase’s NoSQL database to support its fraud monitoring infrastructure. Wells Fargo applied machine learning analytics to internal and third-party data to identify and adapt to sophisticated fraud attacks in real time. Now, 100% of transactions are processed in real time for fraud - totaling 50+ million transactions per day - at less than 10 ms per operation.

About Wells Fargo


transactions per day


for read or write operations


of transactions processed in real time


    • Advanced real-time rules engine, customizable scoring model, high-speed availability, and effective/efficient change management/processing
    • Used ISAM files to store customer profile for faster response
    • Need to scale the system horizontally and vertically to support growth and expand for different LOBs
    • Need to replicate data for HA/DR


    • Now protects Debit PIN, Debit SIG, and Deposit vs. just Debit PIN
    • Processing 100% transactions in real time for fraud vs. 18% in previous system
    • 50M+ transactions per day vs. 4M+ in previous system
    • <10 ms for read or write operations for majority of transactions
We have a lot of data in Oracle, which is mainly used for reporting purposes. But the heart of the data – where the decisions are made – is in Couchbase because that is where high-performance throughput is needed.

Piyush Sharma Vice President, Wells Fargo

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