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transactions per day


for read or write operations


of transactions processed in real time


    • Advanced real-time rules engine, customizable scoring model, high-speed availability, and effective/efficient change management/processing
    • Used ISAM files to store customer profile for faster response
    • Need to scale the system horizontally and vertically to support growth and expand for different LOBs
    • Need to replicate data for HA/DR


    • Now protects Debit PIN, Debit SIG, and Deposit vs. just Debit PIN
    • Processing 100% transactions in real time for fraud vs. 18% in previous system
    • 50M+ transactions per day vs. 4M+ in previous system
    • <10 ms for read or write operations for majority of transactions
We have a lot of data in Oracle, which is mainly used for reporting purposes. But the heart of the data – where the decisions are made – is in Couchbase because that is where high-performance throughput is needed.

Piyush Sharma Vice President, Wells Fargo

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