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The travel and hospitality industry depends on a complex network of interactions between travelers, consolidators, suppliers, maintenance providers, call centers, web services, and management services. Couple that with look-to-book ratios doubling annually to a staggering 1000:1 in the past decade, and it becomes nearly impossible to support such an ecosystem with existing transactional and analytical systems.


Why Couchbase NoSQL DBaaS for travel & hospitality

Key features for why travel & hospitality customers choose Couchbase’s NoSQL database solution for their mission-critical applications.

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Customer testimonials related to travel & hospitality

  • “What we value a lot is that Couchbase was able to embrace our vision to the cloud, and the fact that we wanted to operate data stores directly on PaaS.”
    Vincent Bersin, Unit Manager, NoSQL Solutions, Amadeus
    20 million operations per second
    <2.5 ms response times
  • “We said, 'Wouldn't it be nice to have a data store where we could go from the Java object to the database and back without lots of overhead?' Well, this is it.”
    Thomas Vidnovic, Solutions Architect, Marriott
    4000 transactions per second
    30+ million documents
  • “Couchbase provides a seamless customer experience, which you can’t put a price on. We have no downtime and the performance is very good.”
    Rasheed Kazmi, IT Delivery Manager, United Airlines
    1.5+ million flights operated per year
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