Advantages of Couchbase for real-time analytics

Modern adaptive applications rely on operational and transactional data to create seamless experiences. But your apps can’t work in real time unless your analytics can instantly extract actionable insights from your changing data. Couchbase bridges this difficult data insight gap by converging operational data and real-time analytics in one platform that enables teams to build adaptive applications that drive real-time experiences, insights, and actions.

Benefits of JSON analytics with Capella columnar services

Capella columnar services key capabilities

With Capella, teams can build real-time insights into adaptive applications for better recommendations, hyper-personalization, and faster decision-making.

Fast analysis and lower latency

Near-zero latency means teams can make informed decisions faster, reacting swiftly to market changes or operational needs. Adaptive applications can deliver new and innovative experiences to customers and employees.

Powerful and economical

Separating compute and data storage improves cost-efficiency, scalability, and performance for applications that are consistently more powerful and cost less. This improves business innovation and application experience.

Easy and open

Capella columnar services give teams a new way to use external datasets and a variety of BI tools to gain insight from operational and analytical data. Sophisticated management and security design make it easier to administer your databases and users.

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