Meet user demand while maintaining uptime

Digital media is a demanding environment, as these applications must be able to handle spiky traffic while simultaneously promising zero downtime. Whether it’s streaming the hottest show on television or providing a personalized customer experience in real time, media and entertainment companies need a database that maintains 100% uptime, scales in real time to handle millions of users or more, and provides a data layer that delivers a single view of customers.


Why Couchbase NoSQL DBaaS for digital media apps

Key features for why media & entertainment customers choose Couchbase’s NoSQL database solution for their mission-critical applications.

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Customer testimonials related to media & entertainment

  • “With Couchbase working with us building resilient large solutions, it puts us in a good place to really achieve our goal of a perfect customer experience.”
    Scott Carney, Director of Software Development, Comcast
    40+ million documents
    61K users
  • “We realized that SQL++ offers the flexibility to search with a language that looks 99% the same as SQL. So for all developers, it was an easy transition.”
    Fidencio Garrido, Principal Engineer, Synamedia
    38+ million customers
    3k+ channels of unique content
  • “There are many key factors that made us choose Couchbase: scalability, high availability, XDCR, flexible schema, and advanced monitoring, to name a few.”
    Krishnan Venkatasubramanian, Head of IT Architecture, Sky
    50% reduction in sign-in time
    22+ million subscribers
  • “Couchbase enables us to perform writes of our catalog at peak load consistently. Instead of doing it every two hours we can do it every 15 minutes.”
    Mritunjay Singh, Lead Consultant, BT
  • “We looked at multiple NoSQL options and we really liked the architecture of Couchbase – the memory-first approach, N1QL, and cross datacenter replication.”
    Kris Alexander, Platform Architecture Lead, Gannett
    75% reduction in licensing fees
    140 million digital audience served each month
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