Meet user demand while maintaining uptime

Digital media is a demanding environment, as these applications must be able to handle spiky traffic while simultaneously promising zero downtime. Whether it’s streaming the hottest show on television or providing a personalized customer experience in real time, media and entertainment companies need a database that maintains 100% uptime, scales in real time to handle millions of users or more, and provides a data layer that delivers a single view of customers.


Why Couchbase NoSQL DBaaS for digital media apps

Key features for why media & entertainment customers choose Couchbase’s NoSQL database solution for their mission-critical applications.

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Customer testimonials related to media & entertainment

  • “With Couchbase working with us building resilient large solutions, it puts us in a good place to really achieve our goal of a perfect customer experience.”
    Scott Carney, Director of Software Development, Comcast
    40+ million documents
    61K users