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Viber - Gaining the scalable performance to process up to 15 billion calling and messaging events per day with Couchbase

The Viber app connects more than 1 billion users worldwide through high-quality audio and video calls, messaging, and more. To process up to 15 billion events per day, Viber needs scalable database performance. The company implemented Couchbase in a multi-layered AWS architecture. Couchbase updates user profiles in near-real time, delivering a responsive user experience. By replacing MongoDB™ and Redis with a single Couchbase database, Viber also reduced the number of servers from 300 to 120.

About Viber

15 billion

calling and messaging events per day


reduction in number of total servers


    • Accommodate rapid, continuous growth, storing petabytes of data in a data lake
    • Process 10 to 15 billion events per day – more than 300,000 events per second
    • Implement a database that could provide scalable performance – while reducing the datacenter footprint and minimizing complexity


    • Replaced Redis and MongoDB stack with Couchbase
    • Reduced total number of servers from 300+ to ~120
    • Delivers a responsive experience with real-time user profile updates
    • Increased performance with half the database servers on AWS
    • Simplified management with a single Couchbase tier
With less than half the servers, we’re able to increase performance and gain a much better, scalable architecture.

Amir Ish-Shalom Senior Director of Operations and Chief Architect, Viber

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