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Couchbase handles many data access patterns: key-value, JSON document, vector search, full-text search, time series, analytics, eventing, and SQL++. Flexible JSON supports semi- and unstructured data. Scopes and collections provide organization that's similar to tables/schemas. Build powerful queries with SQL++, which includes built-in JOINs, transactions, UDFs, CTEs, and cost-based optimization. Get coding help from AI-powered Capella iQ.

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SWARM Engineering gives business users next-gen technology to optimize supply chains


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Quantic saves priceless developer time and has always-on mobile apps with Capella DBaaS


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BroadJump delivers next-level client experiences for healthcare analytics with advanced pricing models


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Revolut combines machine learning with Couchbase’s speed, agility, and scalability to monitor card transactions and reduce fraud


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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Couchbase's data model?

    Couchbase stores data in JSON format, allowing developers to store and retrieve data in a flexible, schema-less manner. Documents are stored in scopes and collections, inside of buckets.

  • How does Couchbase handle scalability?

    Couchbase is designed for both horizontal and vertical scalability. It uses a distributed architecture with built-in sharding and replication, allowing it to scale out by adding more nodes to the cluster. Nodes can be customized by workload to balance both performance and economy.

  • How does Couchbase handle data consistency and transactions?

    Couchbase provides tunable consistency and durability levels. CRUD operations are strongly consistent. Developers can choose between strong consistency (for operations requiring the latest data) and eventual consistency (for improved performance) for SQL queries. Couchbase supports multi-document ACID transactions.

  • What programming languages are supported by Couchbase?

    Couchbase provides official SDKs for several programming languages and platforms, including Java, .NET, Node.js, Python, Go, C, C++, Ruby, PHP, Scala, and others. Additionally, there are community-supported SDKs for other languages.

  • How does Couchbase handle security?

    Couchbase offers authentication (username/password and role-based access control), encryption (data in transit and at rest), auditing, and compliance with security standards like GDPR and HIPAA. Couchbase is used by 30% of the Fortune 100 and has undergone strict security reviews by customers.

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