Global apps need to enable distributed workloads

The limited scale and monolithic architecture of legacy systems hampers app performance and availability. The result is frustrated users, low adoption rates, and lost business.


Modern apps require a distributed database

Couchbase provides data storage and processing that can span clusters, regions, countries, and continents. Deliver apps that can run anywhere and everywhere your users go.


Enterprise-level scale

Deploy anywhere

Globally distribute data to meet the demands of a worldwide user base.

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High availability and failover

Eliminate downtime

Distributed workloads maximize uptime to keep business running.

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Data replication is the key to an effective highly available distributed system.


Customers rely on Couchbase for their global apps

  • “Harnessing the power of the cloud through Capella allowed us to deploy applications in multiple regions in parallel quickly and seamlessly.”
    Jae Beom Cho, Director of Game Infrastructure, Nexon
    <20 minutes to launch new regions
  • “What we value a lot is that Couchbase was able to embrace with us our vision to the cloud, and the fact that we wanted to operate data stores directly on PaaS.”
    Vincent Bersin, Unit Manager, NoSQL Solutions, Amadeus IT Group
    50% TCO reduction
  • “We