Real-time analytics with high performance

Use operational data for real-time analytics without compromising your database performance. Couchbase's columnar architecture enables efficient real-time analytics by seamlessly optimizing performance throughout all stages of data access.

Real-time Analytics

Make fast, smart decisions with real-time insights

Real-time analytics instantly transforms data into actionable insights, enabling large enterprises to adapt with agility and precision. Timely information enables better-informed decisions, optimizes operations, and uncovers new opportunities.

Fraud detection

Detect and prevent fraudulent activities by continuously monitoring transaction data and user behavior patterns. Flag anomalies and unusual activities for further investigation.

Offer personalization

Deliver personalized experiences by analyzing customer data as it’s generated. Applications can tailor recommendations, offers, and content based on customer preferences and context.

Mobile and IoT data management

Provide immediate access to data on edge devices, even when offline, to enable real-time analysis and decision-making at the point of interaction.

Real-time analytics FAQ

Using a database for analytics provides real-time insights, allowing you to make data-driven decisions quickly. With Couchbase Analytics, you can integrate your operational data seamlessly without impacting performance.

  • How does Couchbase handle large data volumes?

    Capella Columnar scales effortlessly, ensuring that performance remains consistent as your data grows so you can efficiently analyze large datasets without compromising speed or reliability. It separates compute from storage and uses the infinite scale of AWS S3 for storage.