Couchbase would like to thank Konstantin Tadenev, Principal Architect, and UPS for hosting our recent Customer Spotlight event at the UPS Innovations Center in Parsippany, NJ.

It was a terrific session for those who attended!Konstantin reviewed seven use-case categories that are prevalent for UPS (and all enterprises) where NoSQL technology has proven to be impactful.

Konstantin explored typical business and technology problems in modern IT, such as session management, mobility, and agility, to name a few. The presentation can be downloaded using the link in the Next Steps section of this blog.

Learn more about UPS and Konstantin

Key Facts about UPS

  • Services more than 220 countries and territories; every address in North America and Europe
  • Delivery fleet – over 120,000 vehicles, including 10,000 alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles
  • The third-largest cargo airline worldwide by freight volume flown
  • Mobile devices – greater than 137,000 in daily use
  • Tracking requests
    • 211 million per day
    • 338 million on the peak day of 2018
  • UPS is the first logistics company operating commercial drone deliveries via UPS Flight Forward subsidiary

Couchbase at UPS

  • Currently ,22 production applications running Couchbase
  • For the largest of those applications
    • 5.5 billion documents
    • 24 TB of user data (compressed)
    • Average 51,500 ops/sec
  • Couchbase Lite – deployed on 30,000 devices for use cases where a hardened, supported, data store is needed

Next Steps

Download Konstantin’s presentation here: Couchbase Customer Spotlight 2019

Learn more about Use Cases with Couchbase

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