Combine speed and reliability for adaptive apps

Couchbase improves AI-enabled application performance with built-in caching and reliable session management. Ideal for developers, it ensures scalable, consistent, and efficient applications with reduced load times and improved satisfaction.

Caching & Session Management

Top caching and session management use cases

Learn how organizations across industries use Couchbase's caching and session storage to improve their apps with quicker data access and to ensure reliable growth without hassle.

High tech

Speed up your apps with Couchbase's powerful caching. Get fast data access and stable session storage, making your high-tech applications more efficient.

Media and entertainment

Ensure seamless streaming and personalized experiences by efficiently handling spikes in streaming traffic with robust caching and session storage.

Travel and hospitality

Enhance travel apps with fast, reliable session storage and caching, ensuring quick bookings and a problem-free user experience even during peak times.


Use fast and powerful caching to support continuous and rapid access to massive amounts of telecom data for real-time personalized service.

Session store and caching FAQ

Get answers to the most common questions about using Couchbase for session storage and caching, optimizing performance, and scalability.

  • What is session storage, and how does it differ from caching?