Constantly changing markets demand flexibility

An inflexible architecture impedes your ability to react quickly and leads to lost revenue. Flexible applications let developers efficiently adapt to new user requirements and changing environments.


Gain application flexibility with a multi-model NoSQL database

To easily handle new requirements and mission-critical use cases – in development or after deployment – you need a flexible and secure database.


JSON familiarity

Ideal for building modern applications

JSON documents are easily extended to support diverse data.

Why JSON is great

Multi-model flexibility

Leverage services in a single database

Overcome data sprawl with Couchbase's versatile solutions.

Architectural overview
Explore under the Couchbase hood

Examine the core design principles that make Couchbase fast and flexible.


Customer testimonials related to application flexibility

  • “With Couchbase with us building these kind of resilient large solutions, it puts us in a good place to really achieve our goal of a perfect customer experience.”
    Scott Carney, Director of Software Development, Comcast
    40M+ documents
    61K users
  • “There are many key factors that made us choose Couchbase: scalability, high availability, XDCR, flexible schema, and advanced monitoring, to name a few.”
    Krishnan Venkatasubramanian, Head of IT Architecture, Sky
    50% faster sign-in times
  • “Couchbase provides consistent sub-millisecond response times, which help ensure an enjoyable experience for application users.”
    Alexandru Objelean, Senior Software Engineer, Paddy Power Betfair
    500k events processed every 3 minutes
    1m transactions per second
  • “With Couchbase and Capella, millions of players are able to have a consistent experience without any disruptions, even when network connectivity is unreliable.”
    Lars Schmeller, Team Lead, Lotum
    800 million downloads worldwide
    10+ million monthly active users