Flexibility, speed, and scale for AI-powered apps

Get flexible JSON data document organization, microsecond speeds, advanced search (vector, full-text, geospatial, predicate), and real-time analytics with powerful SQL in a single database deployed on premises, in the cloud, or on mobile apps.

Artificial Intelligence

Top artificial intelligence use cases

Delight customers and empower employees by building predictive and generative AI into hyper-personalized applications with natural language conventions and dynamic functionality that adapts to the user.

RAG-based applications

Enhance natural language chatbots with retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), LLMs, and LangChain to deliver accurate, secure, and timely information backed by corporate data.

Advanced search and recommendations

Deliver great semantic search and recommendations while reducing complexity. Combine vector search and all your search needs in one query. Get low latency and eliminate in-app data joins.

Powerful field service applications

Build mobile applications with the power of vector search and predictive analytics that even work offline. Empower teams with new ways to search and engage with their mobile apps.

Anomaly and fraud detection

Detect and avoid fraudulent activities by spotting trends and anomalies instantly using Couchbase’s in-memory speeds, flexible data model, vector search, and real-time analytics.

AI-powered adaptive applications FAQ

Get quick answers to AI questions.

  • What is an AI-powered adaptive application?

    Adaptive applications combine user information, real-time contextual data, predictive calculations, and NLP GenAI to deliver dynamic features and functionality for hyper-personalized experiences.