When your application needs everything, you choose Couchbase

Most databases can only satisfy one or two fundamental DBMS requirements. Some are feature-rich with multi-model capabilities but aren’t fast or scalable. Some are fast and scalable but have limited features. Some are as easy as SQL, while others are programmatic. Some have a fixed schema, while others offer flexible data structures. Some reside in a single cloud and don’t offer multi- and hybrid-cloud integration. Only a handful can be mobile. And almost none have an expandable architecture from the beginning.

Couchbase is the original multipurpose, multi-model NoSQL database, and it’s becoming even stronger as it grows

Why do we win? What’s the secret? An ingenious architecture

Couchbase tackled the most difficult database problem first: scaling a distributed database. With a scalable, reliable, high-performance foundation, the Couchbase architecture is incredibly clever.

Developers love the JSON document format

Developers love using flexible JSON to control data structures. If a schema is needed, scopes and collections organize the documents. They love using SQL++, which includes built-in JOINS, transactions, query plans, UDFs, and cost-based optimization. And they love using AI-powered Capella iQ to write queries.

Couchbase is built for tomorrow’s AI-powered applications

Versatile JSON is perfect for AI because it can hold all types of data, from account personalization information to metadata. It’s the ideal format to support many data access patterns from key-value to SQL++ to full-text search. And generative AI LLMs understand how to create and query JSON documents.

Performance, scale, latency, and mobility are more important than ever

High performance, linear scale, rich data access patterns, global replication, synchronization, and mobility are all foundational requirements of emerging AI applications. Couchbase is the rare platform that seamlessly addresses all of them while providing low costs and high availability anywhere.


What customers are saying

  • “Working with Couchbase to build resilient large solutions puts us in a good place to achieve our goal of a perfect customer experience.”
    Scott Carney, Director of Software Development, Comcast
    40+ million documents
    61K users
  • “We looked at Couchbase, we looked at Cassandra, we looked at Mongo. We found that the replication technology across data centers for Couchbase was superior.”
    Claus Moldt, CIO, FICO
    <1 ms response times
    24x365 application uptime
  • “Couchbase is designed for massively concurrent data use and consistently high throughput. It provides consistent sub-millisecond response times.”
    Alexandru Objelean, Senior Software Engineer, Paddy Power Betfair
    1M transactions per second
    500K events processed in 3 minutes
  • “With less than half the servers, we’re able to increase performance and gain a much better scalable architecture.”
    Amir Ish-Shalom, Senior Director of Operations and Chief Architect, Viber
    15 billion calling and messaging events per day
    60% reduction in number of total servers
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