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Tommy Hilfiger - A premium experience for high-end customers

Tommy Hilfiger is a global apparel and retail company that delivers premium styling, quality, and value via an extensive distribution network and more than 1,800 retail stores worldwide. In 2015 the company revolutionized the fashion industry by launching their first of many digital showrooms. Powered by Couchbase, these showrooms allow Tommy Hilfiger to sell to wholesalers anywhere while minimizing the time and expense of producing and shipping samples. Couchbase ensures high performance and scalability, offline availability, and near real-time data synchronization for a smooth, immersive showroom experience that works flawlessly even if the internet goes down.

About Tommy Hilfiger


reduction in buying trip duration


cut in sample production


digital showroom deployments


    • Provide ease of use and performance to accelerate the sales process and radically improve sustainability
    • Deliver a universally engaging experience regardless of device, location, or connectivity
    • Scale quickly and easily to support new collections, multiple regional showrooms, and innovative projects


    • Faster time to market for new collections: buying trip duration reduced by 66%
    • Sample production cut by 80%
    • Anywhere, anytime engagement
    • Over 25 digital showroom deployments, and growing
We are passionate about providing our clients with the best service, experience, and quality. Our digital showroom concept completely reimagines the traditional buying approach and establishes a new fashion industry benchmark for business-to-business sales.

Daniel Grieder CEO, Tommy Hilfiger

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