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Keeping field reps connected and customers satisfied

As a global leader in convenience foods and beverages, PepsiCo maintains a complex distribution system to keep thousands of stores stocked at all times. To make sure their field reps can access the system from anywhere, even without an internet connection, PepsiCo partnered with Couchbase to architect an offline-available solution that’s 5G compatible. The solution automatically syncs data between devices and the cloud while providing high flexibility for developers and operations.

About PepsiCo


    • Field sales reps needed an offline-available solution they could use in stores to perform a variety of sales functions regardless of internet connectivity
    • The solution had to include a way to store data on devices in the field along with a strong sync engine that auto syncs whenever a connection is available
    • The solution also had to be 5G compatible, have a flexible modular architecture for development and operations, and the ability to process a high number of transactions


    • 30,000 users can now perform operations, including placing orders, merchandising stores, and managing sales in stores without disruption, even without an internet connection
    • Information is readily available to sales reps anywhere, and data is captured in the field on Couchbase’s embedded database and then auto synced with the server using Sync Gateway when there’s a reliable connection
    • Hundreds of thousands of documents are able to flow back and forth between the devices and the server
We penetrate more than 95% of households with our products, so we need to have a robust supply chain as well as a good frontline sales application to be able to manage the orders and deliver products.

Madhav Mekala Director of Mobile App Development, PepsiCo

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