Couchbase survey shows 9 out of 10 developers are at or over capacity
- 80.LV

Findings from Couchbase’s survey of 533 software developers in the U.S., professionals ranging from individual contributors to C-levels, were featured in an article in 80.LV. The survey reveals that with most developers already at their maximum capacity, only 5.1% are able to take on more projects. As a result, many developers are taking on tasks outside their job description in an effort to manage their increasing workload. Developers are calling for automation and SQL-based database query tools to improve productivity.

CEO Outlook 2023 details

Some of the leading technology CEOs are placing their bets in 2023 and how they are relying on partners to help them tackle emerging opportuni­ties, including Couchbase CEO Matt Cain. Cain stated that one of the toughest challenges customers will face this year will be “maintaining low TCO and high ROI of technology solutions, honing in on tool consolidation, and innovating with the same to fewer resources in an unpredictable economy.”

Data mesh vs. other data management options
- TechTarget

In an article comparing data mesh to other data management solutions, Couchbase CTO Ravi Mayuram was quoted: “Data mesh addresses both the needs of scale and variety of data, as well as the speed of deriving insights from these systems.” Data mesh is the latest chapter in the evolution of data architectures. Data analytics architectures started with data warehouses before evolving into data lakes. Data mesh is the third version for organizations to consider.

Database as a Service. Q&A with Tim Rottach

Couchbase director of product marketing was featured in a Q&A in to talk about the benefits and challenges of Databases-as-a-Service, the benefits of cloud databases, and the definition of a NoSQL cloud database. Rottach said: “For Enterprise-grade database providers, it is essential to have both a multicloud DBaaS platform, support customers’ self-managed solutions, and give customers a choice of hybrid cloud. Enterprise customers seek solutions with great scalability, flexibility, price performance, and security.”

Couchbase launches ISV Starter Factory on AWS
- DEVOPSdigest

Couchbase announced the Couchbase Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Starter Factory. The new program supports ISVs with additional tools and resources required to build and monetize their applications with Capella Database-as-a-Service on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The combination of a cloud database vendor, cloud services provider, and select SIs provides an end-to-end program for ISVs that streamlines ISV migration efforts to Capella on AWS.