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Couchbase Survey Shows 9 Out of 10 Developers Are at or Over Capacity; Automation and SQL-based Query Capabilities Top Their Productivity Wish Lists

New Research Finds 86% of Hiring Managers Currently Face Challenges Hiring Developers With the Right Skill Set

Couchbase Capella Database-as-a-Service Now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Microsoft Azure Customers Worldwide Now Gain Access to Capella to Take Advantage of the Scalability, Reliability and Agility of Azure to Drive Application Development and Shape Business Strategies

Couchbase Launches ISV Starter Factory on AWS to Accelerate Application Development on Capella

The Couchbase ISV Starter Factory Delivers Enhanced Support for Database Management, Migration and Cloud Infrastructure for ISVs


The state of AI bias and how businesses can reduce risk
- InformationWeek

As AI adoption in the enterprise continues to rise, business leaders should understand one of the growing concerns: AI bias. More than 50% of organizations are concerned by the potential for AI bias to hurt their business. Ravi Mayuram, Couchbase CTO, explains the trust aspect of AI and how business and IT leaders can work on implementing AI projects that can prevent the consequences of bias.

Why we need an inter-cloud data standard
- The New Stack

Aaron Schneider, an associate solutions engineer at Couchbase, discusses why the industry needs to rethink data-transfer fees. With cloud providers, the cost to upload data is minimal. However, when you want to take your ever-growing database and move it somewhere else, you will quickly be greeted with heavy bills and slow speeds. Perhaps like the smart home ecosystem, cloud vendors could build a simple, transparent, unified system.

The coolest database system companies of The 2023 Big Data 100

Couchbase was featured on CRN’s list of database system companies – from well-established vendors to those in startup mode – that solution providers should be familiar with.

6 tips for combatting vendor lock-in and the data gravity challenge
- VentureBeat

Vendor lock-in occurs when a customer can’t migrate from one service to another, which can be attributed to proprietary technology that isn’t compatible with outside software or to contractual agreements that prevent users from adopting competing solutions. Couchbase CTO Ravi Mayuram shares top tips for business leaders to consider to avoid vendor lock-in and data gravity challenges, including building apps with portability in mind, leveraging a single vendor, and adopting hybrid and multicloud strategies.

The role of the database in mobile app development
- The New Stack

Mark Gamble, marketing director for product and solutions at Couchbase, explains how mobile databases play into app development. As a result of the worldwide boom in mobile app usage, organizations are rushing to bring apps to market to capitalize on the demand. But businesses must determine which platforms to build for and where data storage and processing should happen within their application architecture. A mobile database extends the cloud-computing model by distributing data storage and processing from the cloud to the mobile devices that run the apps.