Databases are the unsung heroes of AI
- Dataconomy

Couchbase was listed by Dataconomy as a top 10 AI database of 2023, a list of suitable AI databases that are crucial for consideration to significantly impact the success of projects. “Beyond its performance merits, Couchbase also integrates Big Data and SQL functionalities, positioning it as a multifaceted solution for complex AI and ML tasks. This blend of features makes it an attractive option for applications requiring real-time data access and analytical capabilities.”

Couchbase launches AI Accelerate partner program
- Channel Vision Magazine

Matt McDonough, SVP of business development and strategy at Couchbase, shares how “the new Accelerate AI Partner Program will ensure that our cloud database platform is well positioned to be a key part of the rapidly emerging AI landscape.”

Generative AI to accelerate pace of application development
- Techstrong

Just about every platform that application developers use will soon include generative artificial intelligence capabilities to dramatically increase the rate at which code can be written. Mike Vizard shares the latest example – Capella iQ from Couchbase – which automatically surfaces examples of code created using the SQL++ query language along with other forms of application code used to build and extend applications running on top of Capella. Couchbase also launched its AI Accelerate Partner Program designed to foster integrations, with new capabilities being added to the DBaaS.

Couchbase speeds development of cloud database apps with generative AI
- Acceleration Economy

Acceleration Economy explains how Couchbase’s new Capella iQ will enable developers to leverage AI in the process of building and testing applications. Tim Rottach, director of product marketing at Couchbase, shared with the publication: “For developers, as they come into our data tools, our workbench area where they’re normally writing SQL queries, Capella iQ will be a button that you can toggle on and off that opens up a window and allows developers to interact with Capella and ask natural language questions around the tasks that they want to do.”

Couchbase intros generative AI feature for its Capella DBaaS
- TechTarget

Capella iQ is Couchbase’s new generative AI capability that enables customers to generate code more quickly and easily. Couchbase also announced its AI Accelerate partner program, which allows users to develop AI-powered applications utilizing Couchbase and its partners’ capabilities. Carl Olofson, an analyst at IDC, told TechTarget that “Couchbase is going beyond [search capabilities] to say that the generative AI work you're already doing can be extended to the data that's in Couchbase, and it provides you with easy ways to do that.”