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AI, cloud functionality highlight 5 data products to watch in 2024
- Acceleration Economy

Analyst Aaron Back featured Capella iQ in his roundup of the top five data products to watch in 2024. Back explains how Couchbase gives customers the flexibility to power applications from the cloud to the edge. He highlights how Capella iQ, a generative AI-powered coding assistant built into the Capella Workbench, helps improve developer productivity.

Enabling AI in IoT apps with a cloud-to-edge database
- The New Stack

As AI drives the next wave of tech innovation, organizations need a database that can handle the demands of IoT and AI. Mark Gamble, Couchbase marketing director for product and solutions, explores how a mobile database platform with built-in data synchronization and support for AI can accelerate the development of AI-based features and capabilities in edge applications.

Achieving the AI moonshot will lead to next generation of apps
- Solutions Review

Jeff Morris, Couchbase VP of product marketing, discusses how businesses can achieve their own “moonshot” opportunity with AI and application development by having direct goals, utilizing edge computing and putting people first to improve developer productivity. Morris wrote, “Looking ahead, it’s crucial for organizations to stay watchful of the ways AI can further advance the next generation of applications, with the ultimate goal of ‘reaching the moon, and then beyond.’”

The paradigm shift from model-centric to data-centric AI
- The New Stack

Rahul Pradhan, Couchbase VP of product and strategy, explains how the paradigm shift from a model-centric to a data-centric AI approach can reduce hallucinations and biases in generative AI systems. “This data-centric AI approach is a cornerstone for organizations that want to deliver generative and predictive experiences rooted in the freshest data.”

Operational, real-time edge analytics for developers
- Data Science Central Podcast

Rahul Pradhan, Couchbase VP of product and strategy, joined Alan Morrison for a podcast and shared Couchbase’s perspective on data quality, how to improve it as well as the company’s recent innovations.