How to transition from traditional system administration to cloud administration
- TechRepublic

Industry experts, including Couchbase CTO Ravi Mayuram, shared subjective tips on how employees and business executives can make the transition from old-school system administration to cloud-based administrations. Mayuram said DBAs should focus on a DevOps role in cloud operations in order to keep operations running. He also recommended organizations focus on the speed of development and delivery time, continuous integration and deployment, and release cadence.

The Future of Databases Is Now
- Datanami

As cloud databases have become the default deployment method for databases, NoSQL databases like Couchbase are replacing legacy systems to provide more developer flexibility with languages they already know. Ravi Mayuram, CTO at Couchbase, spoke with Datanami’s Alex Woodie on the generational shift in database technology, noting that “familiarity will be critical to giving customers a sense of comfort…[with] the newer generation of more-capable databases.”

Vendor lock-in and data gravity challenges
- The New Stack

Couchbase Senior Community Manager Brian King shares that as we move full steam into the era of big data, where devices are generating more data than ever, data gravity will become more of an issue. Not being able to migrate to the services of other vendors can happen for a number of reasons – though regardless of how the situation arises, there are undeniably negative consequences to vendor lock-in. Some consequences include increased costs, less innovation and flexibility, and security risks.

Avoiding vendor lock-in and the data gravity trap
- InfoWorld

One of the primary reasons companies fail to innovate is that they are locked into a specific vendor’s technology. Couchbase CTO Ravi Mayuram shares pitfalls to watch out for and factors to consider to avoid vendor lock-in. Consumers should consider leveraging a modular software approach, ensure the software adheres to established and open standards, and read the fine print of the contracts they sign with the vendors.

How Couchbase Capella Supported Safety and Location Services on 23-Day Ocean Voyage
- Acceleration Economy

In an episode of the Acceleration Economy Minute, Kieron Allen reports an inspirational story from Couchbase that demonstrates the robustness of Couchbase’s Capella Database-as-a-Service. A team of three set sail from Grand Canary Island to St. Lucia, arriving after 23 days at sea. Capella was used to track the voyage, supporting location and safety services. Capella was used to collect data on elements such as temperature, pressure, speed, humidity, engine telemetry, and fuel consumption. Couchbase Capella was also used in conjunction with the MOLO17 safety and rescue app which ensured that the sailors were fully protected on their voyage.