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How cloud databases have evolved for the AI era
- The New Stack

In honor of National Cloud Database Day, Tim Rottach, director of product marketing at Couchbase, dives into the evolution of cloud databases and how they are crucial to powering the next generation of AI technologies, specifically adaptive applications that offer contextualized hyper-personalization.

Organizations increasing investment in data management strategies to empower developers to adopt AI
- DEVOPSdigest

Matthew Groves, senior product marketing manager at Couchbase, shares findings from Couchbase’s 2024 CIO survey, highlighting that organizations are increasing investment in data management strategies and digital modernization to enable AI adoption for developers.

How adaptive applications unlock innovation in a new AI age
- The New Stack

Tyler Mitchell, senior product marketing manager at Couchbase, explains how adaptive applications that use AI can drive innovation by intelligently, dynamically, and automatically adapting to changing circumstances and user preferences.

10 principles for creating a great developer experience
- InfoWorld

Laurent Doguin, director of developer relations and strategy at Couchbase, discusses how new tools, languages, and processes can clash with developers’ established workflows. He says, “The real win comes from tools that let them do their jobs easily, and this is especially true as developers experiment with GenAI to automate tasks like boilerplate code generation, refactoring, or documentation writing.”

Enterprises prep for big AI spending, but data woes prevent progress
- CIO Dive

Reporter Lindsey Wilkinson highlights Couchbase’s 2024 CIO survey, which found that enterprises are planning to spend an average of $35.5 million on modernizing their IT estates this year, with more than one-third going toward AI. Yet, more than half of IT decision-makers worry about their organization’s ability to manage data without significant investment.