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Integrating real-time and historical data enhances decision-making
- The New Stack

Rahul Pradhan, Couchbase VP of product and strategy, explains how the accuracy and relevance of machine learning-driven predictions depend significantly on the quality and timeliness of the data fed into the models. He writes, “The symbiotic relationship between real-time insights, historical context and AI technologies will help enable organizations to navigate the complexities of new advanced technology.”

The 15 hottest AI data and analytics companies: The 2024 CRN AI 100

Couchbase was selected as one of the 15 hottest AI data and analytics companies as part of CRN’s 2024 AI 100 list. The list highlights Couchbase’s vector search capabilities that help businesses develop generative AI-powered adaptive applications.

Couchbase unveils features to drive AI-powered adaptive applications
- The Futurum Group

Analysts Paul Nashawaty and Sam Holschuh highlight how Couchbase’s vector search capabilities mark an important step in AI-powered adaptive application development. They write, “Couchbase’s incorporation of vector search into its database platform illustrates the company’s dedication to simplifying the development of AI-powered applications. With a unified platform for real-time data analysis and vector search, Couchbase removes the need for multiple standalone solutions, decreasing architecture complexities and enhancing application efficiency.”

Couchbase joins the vector search in database fray
- The Next Platform

Journalist Jeffrey Burt features Couchbase’s new vector search capabilities, highlighting that the features enable enterprises to use vector search on-premises, in the cloud and out at the edge in mobile and IoT devices. He writes, “Making vector search in all Couchbase products allows for both similarity and hybrid search that combines text, vector, range, and geospatial search, retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) to make AI software more accurate and safer, and a single index for all search patterns to reduce latency.”

Couchbase adds vector search
- I Programmer

Editor Kay Ewbank features Couchbase’s vector search capabilities, noting the support for retrieval-augmented generation techniques through large language models via LangChain and LlamaIndex interfaces.