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GE - Building powerful mobile and IoT applications that work in the field

GE’s business relies on a wide variety of industrial machinery that generates vast amounts of data. Predix, a cloud-based platform developed by GE Digital, enables workers in the field to use mobile apps to analyze that data on the spot. After Predix was implemented, GE soon realized they needed a mobile platform that provides high availability and performance even when connectivity is poor. Thanks to its flexible base model, Couchbase Mobile allowed GE to migrate Predix to Couchbase with full functionality in just 30 days. Now data is stored on workers’ mobile devices and syncs to the cloud when connectivity is available.

About General Electric


    • Easy integration with existing systems and agile support for new applications
    • Offline access so field technicians can perform machinery maintenance, regardless of network connectivity
    • Complex data and a wide variety of applications on the Predix IoT platform demand robust data modeling


    • Integrates with existing customer systems, and data flows smoothly without impacting the user experience
    • Offline access and automatic syncing empower field workers regardless of location or connectivity
    • Flexible data management and processing options enable fast, easy support for a wide variety of customer applications
With Couchbase, my top engineers didn’t have to focus on the mobile sync and data management challenges anymore.

Michael Hart Director of Predix Mobile Engineering, GE Digital

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  • Operational dashboarding
  • Endpoint/device mgmt.

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