Overcome these common challenges with Capella!

Configuration and maintenance complexity


It's not easy to set up, configure, and maintain your database infrastructure – or to keep your OS and database system up to date and optimized.


Capella drastically reduces the effort of provisioning, configuration, and maintenance. It automates tasks for IaaS, OS, and common database work like backups. Teams can also use IaC tools like Terraform to further automate Capella.

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Slow database performance


Do you need to bolt on a cache to overcome a slow database? Are your speeds fine in development, but failing at scale in production?


Capella’s memory-first architecture delivers fast, consistent experiences at scale. High-performance indexes provide unparalleled data access performance via key-value queries and SQL queries. Services align with hardware to improve performance. Third-party benchmark testing shows Capella leads the industry.

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Scaling and high availability


Building out a large global-ready database has been a tough undertaking for decades. Ensuring high availability is even more difficult.


Capella ensures the high availability of data across nodes, across groups of nodes within the database, and even across databases in separate regions. Data is auto-sharded across nodes and new nodes can be added with a few clicks. If a node fails, Capella auto-recovers and rebalances data.

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Cloud security is a struggle


A highly secure environment requires a difficult process with many products, teams, and procedures. But you can’t let your guard down for a second.


Couchbase supports the most critical and sensitive workloads of leading businesses every day. Capella’s security architecture is based on industry best practices and three key pillars: verify explicitly, least privilege, and platform monitoring. Learn more and access security whitepapers at our Trust Center.

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Couchbase value differentiators

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Customer testimonials/Case studies

Facet Digital is a full-service agency that designs, develops, launches, and scales business-critical applications. Their clients are focused on cost, performance, and security. Capella was the only DBaaS that checked all three boxes. It deploys in minutes and is designed for easy global scale-out.


Cost reduction


performance increase

A global leader in virtual world games and MMORPG games, Nexon used Capella to achieve a faster time to market with the worldwide launch of its popular Blue Archive game. Capella's HA and memory-first architecture ensure great performance for players around the globe.

New regions launched in 20 minutes

When the world’s largest professional network outgrew its Oracle and Memcached databases, they chose Couchbase over MongoDB™ and Redis to be the caching solution for their source-of-truth data store. Today, Couchbase supports over 50 use cases companywide.

10+ million

queries per second


avg. latency for 2.5+ billion items

As a digital entertainment leader with over 38 million customers and 3,000 channels, DirecTV requires a flexible architecture that easily supports multiple schemas and ensures high scalability and 100% uptime. Couchbase performed twice as fast as the closest competitor in proof-of-concept trials.

Processing more than 1M operations per sec

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