Our company values

Our collective mission is channeling our passion to solve hard problems so customers can innovate and change the world. Since 2011, we’ve been building a world-class company, products and team by focusing on the values that are at the core of who we are as a company.

Be a Good Human, Always.

Be authentic. Assume and act with positive intent, even in tough times. Eliminate bias, foster inclusion. Be your best self. Smile.

Attack Hard Problems, Driven by Customer Outcomes.

Be courageous and innovative. Satisfy unmet, underserved needs. Deliver technical excellence and honesty. Enable transformation.

Act with Uncompromising Integrity, Period.

Do the right thing, every time. Build trust with all constituents. Be honest and transparent. Do what you say. Be proactive.

Play to Win, Together.

Plan for success. Put in work, be proud of it. Balance confidence and humility. Never lose alone. Be a great teammate. Celebrate.

Serve Your Family, As Defined by You.

Put your family first. Let the company work for you in times of need. Help your family benefit through the company’s success.

Make Tomorrow Better Than Today, Start Now.

Have a bias for action. Execute with intensity and urgency. Know you have an impact. What we do matters. Enjoy the journey.

A world class team fueled by the power of diversity

At Couchbase, we value individuals and the unique experiences we each bring. We believe that providing opportunity for people to be their true selves makes us a more nimble and dynamic organization and it helps us live our values in making tomorrow better than today.


Couchbase embraces diversity - in people, our experiences, and our ideas. A diverse team is a more impactful team.


We create space for all our team to flourish - from employee groups to programs supporting growth and career aspirations.


At Couchbase, we want team members to create value and be valued in an environment where they not only feel included, they feel like they belong.

Our hiring philosophy & guidelines

We employ the best talent in the industry, and enable you to do the best and most fulfilling work within a culture we believe in, and care about deeply.

Employee testimonials

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