Ineffective database architecture drives costs up

Applications supported by legacy databases or multiple databases can suffer a myriad of architectural issues. Those problems lead to production issues and high costs that limit business evolution.


Reduce cost with a fast and flexible database

For modern customer experiences, powered by applications spanning from cloud to edge, you need a cost-effective, scalable, and automated database.


Get more from one database

Support more workloads

Have more capabilities in one multi-modal database platform.

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Proven to perform at scale

Speed saves money

Tested against multiple alternatives, Couchbase scales and delivers low TCO.

Reduce cost and increase speed
Learn more about lowering your TCO

Couchbase’s cloud data platform drives down the total cost of ownership.


Customer success stories of lowering cost

  • “Couchbase is a trifecta of value. We get more features, save time, and spend less money all at once."
    Philip Lupercio, VP of Technology, BroadJump
    500% faster query speed
    25% shorter development cycles
  • “Couchbase Capella has the best pricing and performance we’ve seen from a DBaaS. We’ve reduced cost by 50% and increased performance by 2,000%.”
    Scott W. Bradley, Principal Engineer, Facet Digital
    50% cost reduction
    2,000% performance improvement