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Verizon - Innovating in IoT to better connect the world

Verizon operates America’s most reliable wireless network, with 118 million retail connections nationwide. The company also provides communications and entertainment services via mobile broadband and a premiere all-fiber network. For businesses, Verizon delivers integrated solutions to customers worldwide. Verizon’s ThingSpace is an innovative end-to-end IoT development platform that helps enterprise customers build and deploy IoT solutions. Devices on the ThingSpace platform can take advantage of services such as connectivity management, device management, reporting and analytics, and security and compliance.

About Verizon


of data points


    • Deliver new products and services by allowing enterprise customers to manage devices connected to their company’s network
    • Manage massive datasets and interact with numerous devices, even when unconnected
    • Capture new and evolving data types at high speed while providing near real-time analytics


    • High performance at scale for billions of data points with automated sync between device and cloud
    • Ability to rapidly evolve schema as requirements change using JSON
    • Push-button scalability to support massive data volumes
    • XDCR enables the five-nines of high availability and disaster recovery
Couchbase is one of the easiest NoSQL databases to deploy, maintain, and scale out.

Mohan Umapathy Director of System/Architecture, Verizon

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  • Operational dashboarding
  • Endpoint/device mgmt.

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