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reduction in sign-in time


    • Overcome limitations of legacy Oracle RDBMS to offer seamless viewing experience during massive peaks like Game of Thrones
    • Quickly create and update products (e.g., Sky Go and Sky Online) to add new customers
    • Distribute traffic load and implement DR


    • Unmatchable performance at scale ensures superior user experience
    • Flexible data model supports faster time to market for new products
    • Ease of maintenance and scaling lowered capital and ops costs
    • XDCR transfers data to multiple datacenters, reducing sign-in time by 50% and dropping recovery time from hours to minutes
There are many key factors that made us choose Couchbase: scalability, high availability, XDCR, flexible schema, and advanced monitoring, to name a few.

Krishnan Venkatasubramanian Head of IT Architecture, Sky

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  • User profile store
  • Authentication

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