JSON is ideal for AI-powered personalization

Couchbase powers billions of account profiles that can be hyper-personalized by adding GenAI interactions. JSON is the perfect format for AI because developers can gather profile attributes, store LLM prompts, and store interaction logs with LLMs.


Top personalization use cases

Couchbase’s combination of millisecond speeds and JSON versatility create unmatched personalized experiences for billions of account profiles across industries including technology, finance, entertainment, and travel.

Retail and e-commerce

Deliver tailored recommendations and promotions by combining customer data, histories, and behavior with modern AI techniques.

Media and entertainment

Use GenAI with user data and viewing history to personalize movie and TV show recommendations with customized descriptions and review summaries.

Travel and hospitality

Provide personalized travel recommendations, offers, and real-time booking updates by combining AI with flexible user profiles, search history, and booking preferences.


Combine AI with player profiles, game states, viewing histories, and preferences to deliver personalized gaming experiences and recommendations.