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Backends can be complex. Couchbase simplifies.

Got integration overload?


Integrating JSON, text search, caching, and data sources can lead to overload, especially when you’re juggling multiple integrations at once.


Couchbase streamlines backend integration by consolidating data management with a NoSQL database that includes JSON, text search, caching, and analytics in a unified data pool. Couchbase’s flexible data model and scalable architecture enable seamless integration and deliver high performance and availability.

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Legacy database challenges


Legacy databases hinder high performance due to limited scalability, inefficient data models, and lack of optimization for modern applications.


Couchbase's memory-first architecture stores frequently accessed data in memory for faster data retrieval while NoSQL technology enables flexible data modeling and scalable performance. Responsiveness is improved, latency is reduced, and integrated caching and indexing further optimize query performance.

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SQL++ simplifies querying data


Querying NoSQL data with a proprietary language requires developers to learn new syntax and querying patterns, which can slow development.


Couchbase's SQL++ language provides developers with a familiar querying syntax, increasing productivity and easing data management. By supporting SQL, Couchbase makes development easier and migrations from legacy systems smoother.

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Rigid data models


Relational databases have inflexible data models that impede scalability and limit your ability to store complex or variable data.


Couchbase's JSON data model has a flexible structure built to handle complex and changing data. Developers can add or modify data fields and structures without modifying the schema. And because the JSON data model is highly compatible with modern web and mobile applications, it streamlines development processes.


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Getting started with tutorials

Backend success stories with Couchbase

Nielsen’s Answers on Demand service delivers consumer data and analytics to businesses in over 100 countries. Using Couchbase as a document store, Nielsen is able to sidestep the limitations of their legacy database, simplify system management, and provide extremely fast response times.

Improved response time by 50%

When you receive a personalized text or email like a flight update or fraud alert, it’s likely powered by Nuance. When their legacy system became too cumbersome and expensive to manage and scale, Nuance switched to Couchbase for its easy manageability and cross datacenter replication.

Flexible schema led to agile responses

Facet Digital is a full-service agency that designs, develops, launches, and scales business-critical applications. Their clients are focused on cost, performance, and security. Capella was the only DBaaS that checked all three boxes. It deploys in minutes and is designed for easy global scale-out.


cost reduction


performance increase

Jam City is a leader in mobile entertainment with popular games like Cookie Jam, Panda Pop, and Juice Jam. Couchbase enables Jam City to scale its games globally with high performance and flexibility. And Couchbase’s JSON data model lets Jam City iterate quickly without schema changes.


ops per second

35 million

users in 8 months

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