About United Airlines


    • Crew scheduling software was outdated and difficult to use and maintain
    • Slightest downtime or data inaccuracies could cause major flight delays
    • Needed consistent, up-to-date data worldwide for crew scheduling and booking
    • Wanted flexibility to operate in the AWS and Azure clouds


    • Simple, streamlined support for a highly mobile workforce
    • Multiple nodes support critical operations by preventing data loss and system outages
    • Cross data center replication provides out-of-the-box replication capabilities
    • Cloud-native Couchbase is easy to deploy and manage in all the popular clouds
Couchbase provides a seamless customer experience, which you can’t put a price on. We have no downtime and the performance is very good.

Rasheed Kazmi IT Delivery Manager, United Airlines

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  • Caching
  • Mobile data management
  • Session management

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