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United Airlines - Creating fast, efficient experiences for crews and customers

United relies on a crew of 41,000+ pilots, flight attendants, and flight schedulers to operate over 1.5 million flights a year on a tight schedule. Because their crew scheduling application was cumbersome to use and difficult to change, United decided to modernize their technology using Couchbase Server and Couchbase Mobile. After they successfully streamlined work processes and simplified data management, United continued using Couchbase to update more of their business-critical applications, including their online and mobile booking apps.

About United Airlines


    • Crew scheduling software was outdated and difficult to use and maintain
    • Slightest downtime or data inaccuracies could cause major flight delays
    • Needed consistent, up-to-date data worldwide for crew scheduling and booking
    • Wanted flexibility to operate in the AWS and Azure clouds


    • Simple, streamlined support for a highly mobile workforce
    • Multiple nodes support critical operations by preventing data loss and system outages
    • Cross data center replication provides out-of-the-box replication capabilities
    • Cloud-native Couchbase is easy to deploy and manage in all the popular clouds
Couchbase provides a seamless customer experience, which you can’t put a price on. We have no downtime and the performance is very good.

Rasheed Kazmi IT Delivery Manager, United Airlines

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  • Caching
  • Mobile data management
  • Session management

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