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Couchbase’s real-time data processing, flexible data models, and scalable architecture together with edge capabilities, mobile integration, and rapid caching enable the personalized and responsive experiences modern retailers seek for their customers.

Product Catalog

Top product catalog use cases

Couchbase powers catalogs, inventory and customer interactions across industries.


Easily support price and promotions, stocking, shopping cart, supply chain, new products, inventory, and real-time pricing for tens of millions of products in stores and online.

Media and entertainment

Display digital entertainment options from multiple providers in different formats while providing personalized experiences and 100% uptime for users.

Travel and hospitality

Use dynamic digital catalogs with time- and inventory-sensitive data to support reservations, preferences, and loyalty programs for millions of travelers.

Field service

Give field service reps remote access to data so they can place orders and manage sales in stores, with or without internet connectivity.

Product catalog FAQ

Get answers to the most common questions about using NoSQL databases for product catalogs.

  • Why use a NoSQL data