100% uptime and real-time speed for AI at the edge

Couchbase processes data and AI on devices at the edge, eliminating your internet dependencies and allowing field service apps to run anywhere. When there’s a connection, data automatically syncs between user devices and the cloud.

Field Service

Top field services use cases

Couchbase Mobile helps you build AI-powered mobile field service apps that operate reliably all the time, even without the internet. On-device data storage, vector search, and cloud-to-edge sync ensure the best possible experience for app users.

Utilities technician field apps

Utilities technicians diagnose issues, search for similar parts, and update task lists, maps, and inspection reports on hand-held devices even with no network connectivity.

Field insurance apps

Field insurance agents snap damage photos, search for similar accidents, file claim reports, and update customer policy information on mobile devices in remote locations with slow or unreliable internet.

Restaurant and hospitality

Restaurants and hospitality providers expedite customer facing processes, make preference-based recommendations, and reduce wait times with order-entry and check in kiosks.

Mobile clinics and healthcare

Healthcare workers access and sync patient records across the clinic, suggest possible diagnoses in real time, and write and submit prescriptions regardless of network availability.

Field services FAQ

Get answers to the most common questions about using Couchbase for AI-powered field services apps that work without an internet connection.

  • How can I ensure apps respond in real time?

    You can eliminate the latency that impacts performance by embedding data and AI processing directly into apps that run on field devices.

  • How do I guarantee reliability and uptime?