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Huge workloads, no outages, and next-level customer experiences

Amadeus is a leading provider of travel software and solutions for the travel industry, with airlines alone using the technology to board over 1.8 billion passengers a year. As the biggest processor of worldwide travel bookings, Amadeus manages a huge daily workload with no room for service outages. To keep up with its rapid growth and highly demanding end users, Amadeus “boxes” its applications so they can be deployed on any private or public cloud. Amadeus uses Couchbase clusters and cross datacenter replication (XDCR) in all its datacenters to ensure high availability, resiliency, and a single source of truth for bookings.

About Amadeus


operations per second


response times


usable storage for a 17TB dataset


    • Optimize performance to handle high “look to book” ratios that generate 7M requests per second and 300K data requests per booking
    • Scale for 100% annual growth
    • Decrease operational costs and simplify management and replication


    • Superior customer experience thanks to speeds of 20M operations/second and response times under 2.5 milliseconds
    • Multi-dimensional scaling adds improved agility with 180TB usable storage for a 17TB dataset
    • Easy cross datacenter replication between clusters improves reliability
What we value a lot is that Couchbase was able to embrace with us our vision to the cloud, and the fact that we wanted to operate data stores directly on PaaS.

Vincent Bersin Unit Manager, NoSQL Solutions, Amadeus IT Group

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