What makes Capella different?

Start easily with Capella by using SQL to query your JSON data, and get natural language coding assistance from Capella iQ. Capella is a multipurpose database supporting many workloads and use cases, including mobile synchronization. It delivers millisecond data response at scale, with the best price-performance of any document Database-as-a-Service. Try it for free and be up and running in minutes.

Whether you're tackling development, architectural, or deployment challenges, there are many great reasons to future-proof with Capella.

Capella key capabilities

Capella automates setup, security, management, and scaling… so you get to market faster and easier.

How to get started with Capella

Free trial:

  • Be live in under 3 minutes
  • Use sample data (or load your own)
  • Connect to your cluster
  • AI-powered coding
  • App Services for mobile

AWS, Azure, and GCP. Starts at 50GB. No credit card needed.

Start your Capella free trial

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