Customers across industries count on Couchbase

Organizations of every kind choose Couchbase for a wide variety of use cases to transform their businesses, provide exceptional user experiences, and lower operational cloud costs. The reasons are simple. Couchbase makes it easier to eliminate performance issues that are too complex for rigid relational schemas. Busy teams can continue using their familiar SQL skills instead of spending precious time on new programming languages. And Couchbase is built to help you evolve easily and stay a step ahead of constantly changing user expectations.

Energy & Utilities

Arm field service employees with highly reliable and responsive business applications even in remote locations with poor connectivity.

Financial Services

Modernize your business with real-time risk management, enterprise-wide analytics, digital banking, and automated compliance.


Maintain 100% uptime and scale in real time to give millions of users responsive personalized experiences across every device.


Deliver innovative public services using a single platform connect citizens to their municipalities and governments.


Bring scale, performance, flexibility, and reliability to modern applications that support virtual and proactive care.

High Tech

Modernize your architecture to build and run highly engaging, responsive, and scalable AI-powered applications.

Manufacturing & Logistics

Equip field employees with reliable applications that operate seamlessly from anywhere, regardless of network connectivity.

Media & Entertainment

Meet spiky user demand with fast, highly scalable and engaging apps that maintain 100% uptime and provide a single view of the customer.

Retail & E-commerce

Architect high-performance apps that give demanding customers fast, engaging, and contextualized omnichannel shopping experiences.


Support massive amounts of speedy and contextualized data for core and value-add services in real time without interruption.

Travel & Hospitality

Use a microservices-based architecture to support your complex network of patrons and power fast, flexible, scalable apps.

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