Too much complexity slows developers down

Overtasked developers spend too much time making diverse data types and applications work together. Couchbase simplifies this by providing a single solution for cache, search, SQL queries, and much more.


Couchbase is a programmer's database

Couchbase helps developers build feature-rich applications without complicating the data architecture beneath it.


Superb framework integrations and tooling

Improve developer flow with Capella's framework and tool integration

Couchbase Capella™ tackles key database challenges to boost dev productivity.

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Real-time replication

Effortless real-time data replication on active-active clusters

Real-time, global data XDCR with quick, easy setup and active-active clusters.

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Customer testimonials related to developer productivity

  • “Couchbase Full-Text Search allows us to deliver results from extremely large datasets very efficiently."
    Brant Burnett, Systems Architect, CenterEdge Software
  • "For years we said, 'Wouldn't it be nice to have a data store where we could go from the Java object right into the database and back without lots of overhead?' Well, this is it."
    Thomas Vidnovic, Solutions Architect, Marriott International
    4,000 transactions per second
    30+ million documents
  • "Couchbase is a highly scalable, distributed data store that plays a critical role in LinkedIn’s caching systems."
    Michael Kehoe, Senior Staff Site Reliability Engineer, LinkedIn
    10+ million queries per second
    <4 ms average latency for 2.5B+ items
  • “Couchbase is a trifecta of value. We get more features, save time, and spend less money all at once."
    Philip Lupercio, VP of Technology, BroadJump
    500% faster query speed
    25% shorter development cycles
  • “Couchbase is easy to manage, you can effortlessly scale horizontally, or build additional machines. We don’t have to do anything additional or worry about anything.”
    Jesus de los Bueis, Software Development Manager, Carrefour
    20K operations/second
    <3 millisecond response times

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Enhance app flexibility, and respond to user needs anytime. Improve performance and throughput with low latency operations. Explore mobile, edge, and IoT apps with offline data capabilities.

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