About Quantic


Reduction in query time


    • Find a database with real-time sync that can rapidly scale to keep pace with a growing customer base
    • Eliminate downtime issues that create poor user experiences for clients and clients’ customers
    • Reduce database management so the development team can focus on product enhancements


    • Capella’s powerful offline sync capabilities paired with the flexibility of JSON and SQL++ deliver an always-on, always-fast user experience
    • Quantic can provide instant updates and a seamless end-user experience while reducing query time by 50%
    • A fully managed DBaaS and significantly faster indexing lighten the workload for developers, saves time, and reduces costs
Capella’s impressive price performance and unique edge capabilities give our developer team a more agile experience and allow our clients’ applications to remain synced, even during internet outages.

Vigyan Kaushik Co-founder and CEO, Quantic

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