Sync is hard, let us do it for you

Couchbase Mobile is developer-friendly and can run and sync data anywhere – in the cloud, at the edge, and directly on mobile and IoT devices. Build data-driven apps that always work, with or without internet.

Deliver apps that are fast, reliable, secure, and consistent even without internet

Mobile key capabilities

Couchbase Mobile enables you to embed data processing directly into an application, and to synchronize data from the cloud to the edge and between devices even without an internet connection, delivering an always-fast and always-on user experience.

Accelerated development

  • Native support for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms
  • .NET and Java support for desktop and web server apps
  • C-API for developing on nearly any embedded platform in any language
  • Full SQL support – reuse queries across platforms
  • Schema-less JSON format simplifies app upgrades

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