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    • Synamedia
      Customer and Case Studies

      As the largest global provider of video solutions for pay TV, Synamedia counts on Couchbase for 500 ms response times at massive scale.

    • Gannett
      Customer and Case Studies

      Gannett cut its licensing fees by 75% when it moved its systems to Couchbase for greater reliability, flexibility, and hybrid cloud support.

    • Comcast
      Customer and Case Studies

      Comcast uses Couchbase to improve customer experiences and deliver unified support across its many lines of business.

    • Quantic
      Customer and Case Studies

      Quantic turns to Couchbase Capella for a simple yet powerful way to keep pace with an expanding number of customers, products, and features.

    • Foundries.io
      Customer and Case Studies

      Foundries.io turned to Couchbase for scalability, usability, performance, and ease of management for its Edge-Platform-as-a-Service.

    • MedicaSoft
      Customer and Case Studies

      MedicaSoft turned to Couchbase for a highly secure, available, and scalable solution to fulfill medical record requests.

    • BroadJump
      Customer and Case Studies

      BroadJump switches from Cosmos DB to Couchbase to gain features, lower costs, integrate JSON analytics, and use familiar SQL queries.

    • Wells Fargo
      Customer and Case Studies

      Wells Fargo, the world’s second-largest bank, uses Couchbase to monitor 50 million transactions per day for fraud in real time.

    • FICO
      Customer and Case Studies

      FICO chose Couchbase over MongoDB™ to provide superior speed, scalability, and availability for the world’s #1 fraud detection platform.

    • BR-DGE
      Customer and Case Studies

      BR-DGE selects Couchbase to ensure modern NoSQL capabilities needed to harness vast volumes of sensitive financial data.

    • SWARM Engineering
      Customer and Case Studies

      SWARM Engineering uses Capella to give its business users next-gen technology to quickly and easily optimize supply chains.

    • Carnival
      Customer and Case Studies

      Couchbase helps Carnival provide highly personalized services that build brand loyalty and generate additional upsell revenue.

    • Tikeasy
      Customer and Case Studies

      Couchbase Mobile provides Tikeasy with a powerful database that works offline and provides automatic and secure sync and backup.

    • Netropolix
      Customer and Case Studies

      Netropolix sees better performance, scale and efficiency with Capella DBaaS for medical app.

    • Willis Towers Watson
      Customer and Case Studies

      Willis Towers Watson chooses Couchbase as its NoSQL database solution for a wide range of business-critical and customer-facing applications.