What makes Couchbase Server different?

Built as an original multi-purpose NoSQL database, Couchbase Server delivers unparalleled performance at any scale across any cloud. With its memory-first architecture, latency is measured in milliseconds. And with a multi-model JSON document foundation, geo-distributed deployments, workload isolation, and high-density storage, Couchbase is redefining database economics for scalable, mission-critical applications. To round off the solution, Couchbase has the most comprehensive SQL-compatible query language (SQL++) and dynamic schema structures, making it easy to migrate from RDBMS-backed applications.

Enterprises choose Couchbase for its speed, NoSQL versatility, and the ease of SQL++

Server key capabilities

Couchbase is a distributed, transactional, multimodel database for AI-powered applications. It does the work of multiple purpose-built databases. It caches data for speed, supports SQL for JSON. and scales linearly. It replicates and synchronizes to mobile apps, and helps simplify data architectures without sacrificing application features.

Fast: Unparalleled performance at scale

Deliver consistent, fast experiences at scale, powered by caching and our memory-first architecture. High-performance indexes, flex indexes, and index partitioning underpin exceptional query performance even with complex joins, predicates, and aggregations. And, with efficient, high-density key-value storage that holds terabytes per node, Couchbase significantly reduces the complexity of your clusters and the costs of your deployment.

Versatility of JSON : Unmatched agility and flexibility

Support rapidly changing application requirements with the flexibility of JSON. It can support multiple data access patterns at once, including programmatic key-value, SQL++ query, time-series arrays, vector arrays, graph relationships, metadata, analytics, and text or geographic search. This enables robust functionality within the application without creating unnecessary complexity in the data architecture.