Users expect 100% uptime and real-time speed

Mobile and IoT apps that rely only on the cloud for data are dependent on the internet. When it slows or stops, so do the apps that use it, frustrating users and costing you downtime.


Develop and deliver always-fast, always-on apps

Couchbase Mobile helps you build mobile and IoT apps that operate reliably all the time, even without the internet. On-device data storage and cloud to edge sync ensure the best possible experience for app users.


Embedded data processing

Always fast and available

Eliminate internet dependencies to increase app speed and uptime.

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Cloud to edge data sync

Always current and accurate

Maintain consistency and eliminate data loss.

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Couchbase Mobile Vector Search Beta

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Customer testimonials related to mobile, IoT, and edge apps

  • “Hundreds of thousands of documents flow between the devices and the server. Couchbase takes care of the sync, and we can focus on our business process.”
    Madhav Mekala, Commerce Architect, PepsiCo
    30,000 field reps work from anywhere
  • “With Couchbase Capella, millions of players are able to have a consistent experience without any disruptions, even when network connectivity is unreliable.”
    Lars Schmeller, Team Lead, Lotum
    800 million game downloads
    10+ million monthly active users
  • “Couchbase is very strategic for us. We can now open new, smaller-format storefronts faster and maximize the ROI of each new location.”
    Gary O’Connor, CTO, Doddle
    3 months development time
  • “Our digital showroom concept completely reimagines the traditional buying approach and establishes a new fashion industry benchmark for business-to-business sales.”
    Daniel Grieder, CEO, Tommy Hilfiger
    66% reduction in purchase time
    80% reduction of physical samples