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SAP Concur provides businesses with innovative travel, expense, and invoice management tools that simplify everyday processes and create better experiences for users. In order to keep up with customer demands, Concur had to modernize their SaaS environment, which included adding a caching layer to speed up performance. After conducting a bake-off with MongoDB™ and Cassandra, Concur realized that only Couchbase could deliver the combination of simplicity, scalability, and performance they needed.


"Deploying Couchbase solutions gives us greater scalability and blazing performance. We now have the ability to simply and fluidly increase capacity, enabling us to seamlessly respond to the needs of the application."

Drew Garner
Director of Cloud Architecture, SAP Concur


  • Needed to augment existing database technologies with high-performance caching

  • Wanted to invest in technology that would grow into a full NoSQL data store

  • Replication was too difficult with Cassandra, and MongoDB struggled with high-performance workloads


  • Scalable high performance delivers superior customer experiences
  • Cross datacenter replication supports a geo-distributed architecture
  • Zero configuration management when adding or removing nodes
  • Simple setup and configuration across multiple tiers and languages