About Concur and Couchbase

Concur implemented a large Couchbase Server cluster, utilizing the Enyim (.NET) client for the web tier and the spymemcached (Java) client for the middle tier. They were impressed with the simplicity with which they could set up, configure, and scale the cluster. For example, the ability to use a single solution across multiple tiers and languages was a huge win for Concur and made Couchbase a more attractive option than other solutions, which required different implementations for each. Using the recommended reverse proxy setup, there’s just a single IP address for configuring REST connections and monitoring across multiple tiers. Couchbase's cluster management capabilities give Concur the ability to scale out their cluster with zero downtime. They also get the added benefit of zero configuration management when adding or removing nodes from their cluster because both the .NET and Java clients are automatically updated when there is a topology change, ensuring smooth and consistent growth of the Couchbase cluster across the entire environment.

About Concur

Concur, an SAP company, imagines the way the world should work, offering cloud-based services that make it simple to manage travel and expenses. By connecting data, applications and people, Concur delivers an effortless experience and total transparency into spending wherever and whenever it happens. Concur services adapt to individual employee preferences and scale to meet the needs of companies from small to large, so they can focus on what matters most for their businesses.


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