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AEDES brings modern medicine to remote African hospitals using mobile apps that work with or without a network connection.


Amadeus uses Couchbase to ensure high availability and performance for over 8 million travel booking queries per second.

Backpack EMR

BackpackEMR uses peer-to-peer sync to bring modern medical care to remote patients at mobile clinics in 19 countries.


BD’s innovative mobile app logs real-time data on diabetes patients and gives them custom alerts and recommendations.


BR-DGE selects Couchbase to ensure modern NoSQL capabilities needed to harness vast volumes of sensitive financial data.


BroadJump switches from Cosmos DB to Couchbase to gain features, lower costs, integrate JSON analytics, and use familiar SQL queries.


BT takes advantage of Couchbase’s flexibility to accelerate delivery of new features to millions of media subscribers in 180 countries.


Bublup delivers a reliable, fast, and simple to use experience for digital organization, sharing, and planning needs with Couchbase.


Couchbase helps Carnival provide highly personalized services that build brand loyalty and generate additional upsell revenue.

Carrefour Spain

Carrefour Spain transitioned to a microservices architecture that supports over 1,500 vendors and 3 million products with no downtime.

CenterEdge Software

CenterEdge uses Couchbase Full-Text Search to give its customers lightning-fast access to millions of customer records in the cloud.


Cisco moved its video management platform to the cloud to support 100+ billion user sessions per year for cable companies around the world.


CNAF turns to Couchbase to enable accurate real-time evaluations and reduce guaranteed response time to 24 hours.


Comcast uses Couchbase to improve customer experiences and deliver unified support across its many lines of business.


Coyote counts on Couchbase in the cloud for scalable real-time performance that supports 5 million users and 13 million alerts per day.