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The mission of is to be the leading decision engine that moves people through the car ownership cycle with transparent, fun, and engaging experiences. To meet the constantly rising expectations of its customers, the company needed a modern database that would allow them to release and update applications quickly and easily on premises and in the cloud. After a rigorous vendor selection process that included proofs of concept from five solutions providers, selected Couchbase for its powerful yet flexible cloud-native architecture.




    • Needed to quickly onboard new data points without lengthy data modeling
    • Wanted to release applications faster and update them more quickly and easily
    • The database had to support fast data access and cost-effective scalability
    • Wanted strong support for cloud and microservices strategies


    • can now make on-the-fly schema changes for continuous delivery
    • Application release cycles have been shortened from months to weeks
    • can easily take advantage of the latest cloud and container technologies to support highly scalable microservices
Overall, Couchbase offered us flexibility, which is what we were looking for with a NoSQL platform.

Bruce Zawadzki Technical Architect,

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  • User profile store
  • Product catalog

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