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Making checkout flow smoothly for merchants and shoppers

BR-DGE is a payments technology company that powers billions of monthly global transactions for e-merchants and their customers as well as the partners in their growing payments ecosystem. BR-DGE’s modular independent payment orchestration platform is simple to integrate and adopt, enabling merchants to easily streamline payments, consolidate reporting, and speed up innovation.

BR-DGE chose Couchbase to ensure they had the modern NoSQL capabilities they needed to harness vast volumes of sensitive financial data in near real time with high availability and scalability.

About BR-DGE


faster time to market with new integrations


reduction in acquiring fees


increase in payment authorization rates


    • A fiercely competitive industry where high performance and low cost are key differentiators
    • Increasing complexity of managing a growing volume of diverse data
    • Providing high availability and scalability to accommodate a seamless experience between merchants, consumers, and payment processors


    • A fast and smooth payment platform that provides both merchants and consumers with cost-efficient options
    • NoSQL and SQL++ give BR-DGE the flexibility to handle a wide variety of data and optimize its structure for high efficiency and performance
    • XDCR protects against data center failure and provides high-performance data access for globally distributed applications
Couchbase is the beating heart of our payment data and of all the functionality we provide to our customers. The platform has been easy to deploy and manage from the very beginning.

Stuart Brand Platform Engineering Manager, BR-DGE

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