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To maintain its competitive edge in the digital economy, Marriott wanted to create personalized customer experiences, improve online reliability, and release new apps faster. After an evaluation against MongoDB™ and Cassandra, Marriott chose Couchbase to replace its legacy infrastructure. Couchbase had already proven itself in the industry, and Marriott’s solutions architects were impressed by Couchbase’s built-in cache, ease and flexibility for moving and adding cluster nodes, and easy disaster recovery.


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For many many years, we said, 'Wouldn't it be nice to have a data store where we could go from the Java object right into the database and back without a big translation and lots of overhead?' Well, this is it.

Thomas Vidnovic Solutions Architect, Marriott International

Maccabai logo Use case

  • Product/price
  • Product catalog
  • Recommendations
  • Mainframe offload

Maccabai logo Key features

  • N1QL
  • Multi-dimensional scaling
  • Cross datacenter replication
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