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operations per second


normal workload spikes supported

<3 ms

average response time


    • Create a 100% cloud-native solution that simplifies and decouples the e-commerce architecture to minimize breaking points
    • Reduce time to market with a flexible solution for creating and deploying a wide variety of e-commerce applications, from inventory to click & collect
    • Provide high-speed caching to easily manage peaks like Black Friday and Cyber Monday with no downtime and fast response times


    • Couchbase’s cloud-first architecture makes it fast and easy to develop decoupled microservices and to scale applications independently
    • Applications sustain performance of 20,000 operations/second even under extreme load spikes of up to 4x normal workload
    • Average response times are less than 3 milliseconds, oftentimes submillisecond
Couchbase is easy to manage, you can effortlessly scale horizontally, or build additional machines. We don’t have to do anything additional or worry about anything.

Jesus de los Bueis Software Development Manager, Carrefour

Maccabai logo Use case

  • Caching
  • Session store
  • User profile store
  • Product catalog

Maccabai logo Key features

  • Multi-dimensional scaling
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