What is full-text search?

Full-text search makes it easy to find content in your database by using text-based criteria such as keywords to scan indexes for matches. Text search indexes are pre-organized to make retrieval faster than traditional field-based database scanning.

Don’t let search challenges hold you back

Full-text search key capabilities

Full-text search is fully integrated as a flexible and distributed system for your JSON database searching needs. Index and find text within any type of Couchbase document while rapidly returning search results through SQL++ queries, the SDK, or the single integrated management interface.

Develop modern applications more easily

With our full-text search, you can easily add powerful and flexible capabilities to your Couchbase applications without any additional download or installation required. Simply enable the feature, create an index, and start searching text right away.

Simplify code with integrated query and search

You can use full-text search queries directly within a SQL++ query. This eliminates the need to write complex code to process and combine the results from separate SQL and search queries.

Built-in HA for any scale

Text search tools are integrated into Couchbase with built-in partitioning, replication, and auto failover for high availability. You can scale out full-text search easily with the distributed and scale-out architecture of the Couchbase platform.