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Giving employees access to business applications, even in remote locations with poor network connectivity, is critical for energy and utilities companies. Add to that the need to consolidate data from multiple systems, including legacy infrastructure, and you have a complex set of data management issues that need to be solved.


NoSQL DBaaS for energy and utilities

Key features for why energy and utilities customers choose Couchbase’s NoSQL database solution for their mission-critical applications.

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Customer testimonials related to energy & utilities

  • “To set up a resilient implementation of Couchbase, it took us minutes. We stood up three servers, balanced the load, and instantly we were resilient.”
    Robert Lawrence, Product Owner of Digital Catalysts Platforms, PG&E
    16 million customers
    70,000+ square mile service area
  • “Couchbase Capella aligns perfectly with this strategy – delivering a scalable, powerful database solution at compelling price-performance.”
    Titu Joseph Rajan, Head of Integration, Centrica
    10+ million customers
    7,000 field engineers
  • “With Couchbase, we can concentrate on delivering innovative user experiences that meet our customers’ evolving needs.”
    Krishna Kunam, Chief Technology Officer, GroundHog
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