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Delivering a real-time personalized experience for every passenger

Carnival Corporation is the world's largest travel leisure company, with a fleet of over 100 cruise vessels across 10 brands. To deliver personalized experiences for every passenger, Carnival’s OceanMedallion system combines wearable IoT medallions, a mobile app, and IoT sensors throughout each vessel. By seamlessly handling massive volumes of real-time data from the system, Couchbase helps Carnival provide highly personalized services that build brand loyalty and generate additional upsell revenue.

About Carnival


vessels across 10 cruise lines


passengers aboard the ships


uptime for ship operations


    • Slow and unreliable network connectivity at sea
    • Difficulty capturing and reacting to passenger activity in order to provide highly personalized experiences
    • Real-time responsiveness wasn’t achievable without high scalability for vast amounts of personalized data


    • OceanMedallion system captures and matches behavior-based preferences by guests, increasing brand loyalty and upsells
    • Automatic syncing to geographically convenient AWS data centers provides real-time speed impervious to internet disruption
    • Guest profiles and preference data are securely stored for future voyages
Right now, we produce more information on a single MedallionClass cruise than would have been created in the whole history of the cruise line. All that intelligence has to be processed on the edge so it can be invested back into the guest experience in real time.

John Padgett President at Carnival Corporation

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