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    • Deliver a responsive, visually appealing, and efficient cloud performance that supports fast and real-time account updates across multiple sessions.
    • Efficient infrastructure management that scales with user load. A backend technology that continuously innovates and evolves without requiring reengineering at high load.
    • Ability to host the backend infrastructure in a reliable (multi-region, multi-cloud), and zero-downtime environment.


    • A high-performing, flexible and scalable in-memory database.
    • The ability to scale according to the needs of the user base and a reliable level of data control that meets the requirements of the business as the app adoption grew from thousands to hundreds of thousands.
    • Over 1 billion items stored in Couchbase servers spread across 5 AWS availability zones for full redundancy.
We evaluated a lot of database products while looking for a system that was fast, scalable, flexible, and easy to integrate. Our goal of high write and high read throughputs on large volumes of data led us to Couchbase.

Matthew Barre VP of Software Engineering, Bublup, Inc.

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